Vision Forestry, LLC
P.O. Box 2677
Salisbury, MD  21802

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R. Neil Sampson, President Neil works with clients in planning, certification, and information management.  He maintains his primary office in Alexandria, VA.

Lawrence Paul Walton, Vice President and Forester Larry supervises all forestry activities for Vision Forestry and represents the organization in local organizations.  He also manages all timber sales and coordinates marketing efforts for clients.

William E. Cheesman, Forester
Bill handles field forestry activities, supervising field crews and working with contractors worked in the land management operations including planting, site preparation, herbicide applications and timber harvesting.   

Laura Upham, Forester
In addition to her field forestry work, Laura has a staff leadership role in managing the Vision Forestry Information Management System, including ArcView GIS, Remsoft growth and yield modeling, and other data systems. 

Kenny Rees, Forestry Technician
Kenny manages hunt clubs for Vision Forestry clients, as well as supervising field activities such as tree planting, thinning, and timber harvesting.