Vision Forestry, LLC
P.O. Box 2677
Salisbury, MD  21802
Applying The Plan

Once the plan is adopted by the owner, Vision Forestry works to begin implementing the first five years of management activities.  Those may include:

  • Thinning the forest to improve tree vigor and health,
  • harvesting mature trees,
  •  establishing streamside management and protection areas,
  •  improving wildlife habitat,
  • planting or encouraging natural regeneration of open areas,
  • building or stabilizing forest roads, or
  • providing necessary erosion protection. 

Each year’s activities are laid out in an annual work plan and budget for the owner’s approval.  Work is scheduled, contractors hired, timber sales bid or negotiated, projects supervised, and complete cost and return accounting maintained.  Follow-up surveys document remaining timber volumes, new tree regeneration success, or other measures of project effects, and the GIS system is updated to reflect the new conditions.
Vision Forestry provides owners with a quarterly report that documents all activities and reflects all revenues and costs for the quarter and year to date.  Activities are managed so that the budget is balanced and positive cash flow is maintained at all times.