Vision Forestry, LLC
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Timber Sales Administration

Timber sales are a major event in forest management. Done right, a timber sale can set up 
a forest for healthy and robust future growth, with benefits for future revenues, wildife habitat, watershed protection, and visual enhancement. Done wrong, a bad harvest can damage a forest's future for many years.

Vision Forestry is dedicated to creating forest harvests that are good for the forest as well as
the owner. This depends on a good harvest plan that meets all local and state regulations while responding to the unique situation in each forest.

If your long-term objectives are to create a sustainable forest, both in environmental and economic terms, call Vision Forestry for an assessment of your forest harvest opportunities.
We provide:

  • An accurate inventory (cruise) of your timber resource
  • Mapping and field marking to outline the extent of the planned sale, along with access and special protection areas identified
  • Negotiation or open bidding of the timber sale with local buyers and contractors
  • An economic report to the landowner
  • Execution of all contracts with buyers and contractors
  • Supervision of all field activities during the harvest to assure compliance with owner objectives and applicable regulations
  • Accurate records of all products leaving the job and mill receipt records
  • Payment of all contractor billings and management fees
  • Remittance of all net proceeds to the landowner, and
  • A report to the landowner on the financial details of the sale and the condition of the forest after the harvest.